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In New Hampshire this week, Jeb Bush remarked that Americans “need to work longer hours.” DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz remarked, “If Jeb Bush thinks the answer to boosting our economy is that Americans need to work longer hours, then it’s clear he doesn’t even understand the problem.

His economic policies are, and have always been, geared towards helping those already at the top, not the middle class.” Our Factivists have more on the out-of-touch Republican’s take on working Americans here.

Moreover, just ahead of his presidential announcement, Scott Walker faced scrutiny this week after a failed attempt to weaken open records laws in Wisconsin. Walker and the Wisconsin GOP had attempted to enact restrictions that “would shield nearly everything created by state and local government officials from Wisconsin's open records law, including drafts of legislation and staff communications,” AP reports. Our Factivists are back with more on Walker’s attempt to thwart transparency here.

Also this week, the DNC released a video illustrating the close alignment between Donald Trump’s outlandish statements on immigration and the opinions of the entire GOP field. Check it out here.

Furthermore, Dana Milbank wrote a scathing op-ed for the Washington Post chiding the GOP for creating the extremist environment in which Donald Trump is flourishing. “Trump has merely held up a mirror to the GOP. The man, long experience has shown, believes in nothing other than himself. He has, conveniently, selected the precise basket of issues that Republicans want to hear about — or at least a significant proportion of Republican primary voters,” wrote Milbank. Check out the entire piece here.

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