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Today’s monumental announcement by the Supreme Court legalizing same sex marriage in all 50 states was a huge step toward equality for all Americans. Though marriage equality is now the law of the land, the GOP Presidential field continues its opposition.

Not only has Jeb Bush affirmed his support for “traditional marriage,” but Scott Walker has called for “an amendment to the US Constitution” to rescind the right of LGBT Americans to marry. Read more about the Republican presidential hopefuls’ opposition to marriage equality here.

Furthermore, the Court ruled yesterday in favor of upholding the Affordable Care Act in the landmark King v. Burwell case. Though this marks the second time the highest court in the land has affirmed the law’s constitutionality, Republican presidential candidates still insist they would repeal it. Our Factivists have a rundown of the GOP field’s quest for repeal here.

On Wednesday, the DNC released a statement on the newest candidate to announce for the Republican presidential nomination, Louisiana Governor, Bobby Jindal. Our National Press Secretary, Holly Shulman, pointed out a few of the parallels among the governors in the GOP presidential field: credit downgrades, stagnant job numbers, and a highly uninsured state population. Check out the full statement here.

Moreover, another potential GOP hopeful, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, is expected to declare his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination on Tuesday. The announcement comes despite Christie receiving his lowest approval ratings ever in his home state of New Jersey. Our Factivists have more on Christie’s dismal reviews at home. Check it out here.

This week also brought a scathing editorial from the New York Times on Congressional Republicans’ policies that target poor women. The editorial board took specific issue with a 2016 spending bill that would eliminate Title X funding, which primarily provides affordable access to reproductive care for low income women. “This latest bill aims squarely at one of the nation’s most vulnerable groups — poorer women, many of whom live in rural areas with little access to health care of any kind. So much for compassionate conservatism,” the Times chided. Our Factivists have more on Republicans’ targeting of poor women here and you can read the full editorial here.

Finally, as a reminder, the next full meeting of the DNC will be held August 27th-29th at the Hilton Minneapolis in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

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Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake
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